BIM modeling consultants and their role in AEC Industry

Building information modeling (BIM) is an advanced building project management technology. It can increase efficiency of a construction work and ensure higher returns.

Market Research

The Scottish BIM Implementation Plan Launched

The Review of Scottish Public Sector Procurement in Construction recommended the implementation of Building Information Modelling to Level 2, by April 2017.


Understanding BIM and how to implement it

A lot of people in the industry were so entrenched in their processes and standards that training and switching to CAD seemed like an impossible task, especially with multiple projects in the works. Flash forward ...


Practical tips on making BIM work

"There seems to be an attitude amongst owners and contractors that authors of BIM models should provide everything that BIM can do. They think that architects and engineers are already putting information in so why ...

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BIM: Are We There Yet?

“Are we there yet?” The all too familiar question asked from the back seat anytime we leave the house. Ultimately this game results in the parental tactical nuke of, “One more time and no Minecraft ...