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2 years, 11 months ago

Tom R. Holbein

Department manager Visualization / Digital Collaboration, MIRIS Eiendom AS

Do you rememer Minority Report(2002)- Tom Cruise with full optical controll.
WORLDs first Optical Control Managemernt in SCADA/ BMS systems. BIMOCM is now ready for the world wide marked.
For optical control, BIMOCM integrated IFC model to existing systems.
It turns out that the use of BIM to of these systems is cost savings at every stage of the process and that all operators to the building's systems can get messages and post messages, delegating tasks or control all alarms via BIM model.
in principle any digital traffic, which can advantageously be inspected in 3D can also intergeres with BIMOCM.
Are the world ready for avoid deviation reports ? Solution is openBIM
  Adopting BIM Before 2016 3D BIM Model
  BIMOCM-2.0.pdf (10.5 MB)