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BIM: Trends, Benefits, Risks, and Future for the AEC Industry

The reality of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become a necessary tool in the building industry and Trace-Software is at the leading-edge by combining electrical calculation and sizing with BIM.

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International Construction Conference to showcase the future

An international construction conference being held in Auckland early next year will showcase leading edge technology, construction innovation, practices and methods that have the potential to transform the sector and improve our built environment.

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buildingSMART Canada issues a Call to Action (bis)

Watch buildingSMART Canada's first video which introduces the need for a reform of its AECOO community.

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BIM Policy: Global Study Released

In the first definitive study of it’s kind, the Scotland Global BIM Study has managed to rank, in what must have been a pretty daunting task, several of the world’s primary territories in relation to ...

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Government Sets Out Clear Plan to Cut Construction Costs

The Treasury has published its construction strategy, setting plans to make £1.7bn in efficiency savings and support 20,000 apprenticeships by 2020.

Ana Pastor, Ministry of Public Works (Ministerio de Fomento)
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National BIM Strategy Launched in Spain

A strategy to introduce mandatory BIM working in public sector projects was launched in Spain in July. This marks a step-change in Spain’s approach to BIM, where up till now BIM use has been patchy, ...

Seoul-based SaRang Community Church
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Taking BIM one step at a time

Over the last decade, governments around the world have noticed the advantages of BIM, and increasingly are mandating the use of BIM on public projects. Here in the UK a mandate already exists that requires ...