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Design technology survey, by MEA and GAJ

A survey into the use of new technology across the design and build business has revealed that less than half of the firms that responded are using building information modelling (BIM), despite the fact that …

BIM Market: High Focus on Digital Platform for Planning Infrastructure Development Projects to Stimulate Demand

While building information modelling (BIM) has been around for some time and has been typically used on large projects, it is becoming mainstream for projects of all sizes.

BIM in Russia: how not to make a thousand mistakes

Is BIM implementation on Russian construction sites economically efficient? This issue was discussed at the recent Autodesk University Russia 2016 event.

BIM processes – impossible to ignore

The complex nature of infrastructure projects, and the requirement for collaboration across disciplines and project participants, has prompted many organisations to adopt BIM (Building Information Modelling) processes. With benefits ranging from asset sustainability to risk …

Innovation and risk: The best of frenemies

New construction technologies and materials and new ways of working together can make the design and construction process faster and more efficient for project owners, designers and contractors, say experts.

Facing the BIM juggernaut

A step-by-step approach to BIM adoption, by Allan Hunt BSc MRICS, a Director of AHR Building Consultancy Limited.

Deliver Higher-Quality Designs With BIM For Building Projects

In competitive environments, accurate designs are key to achieving business objectives. Autodesk Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Building Design and Engineering helps reduce the risk of errors through integrated design, engineering, and fabrication workflows.

10 steps to Building Information Modeling

According to wikipedia, Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places.

Setting Scenes of BIM Development in Hong Kong

Hyder Consulting’s Stephen Xia, recently led a talk regarding Hyder’s experience in adopting BIM (Building Information Modelling) in designs relating to structural and facade engineering and energy transfer in facade panel, in Hong Kong.

Bond Bryan Architects – The momentum for BIM has been created

Read our interview with Rob Jackson of Bond Bryan Architects. We discuss Solibri, BIM and COBie in the UK.