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BRE signs agreement with Chilean university

The agreement builds on earlier work between BRE and Chile, including with IDIEM, a research and development centre that carries out testing and quality control materials used in public works in Chile.

Design principles for smart cities

The Australian Digital Built Environment Principles mark an important step in the adoption of digital technologies to improve the design and operation of the nation’s cities and infrastructure.

The $192.9-million Okanagan Correctional Centre is a state-of-the-art correctional centre comprised of 378 high-security inmate cells. B.C. Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services Amrik Virk said this project is a prime example of BIM technology meshing with traditional industry, during the CanBIM Vancouver Regional Session recently.

B.C. innovation minister open to making BIM a procurement process requirement

The B.C. minister of technology, innovation and citizens’ services said he is open to making the adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies a requirement for participation in the procurement process for major public sector …

Government Sets Out Clear Plan to Cut Construction Costs

The Treasury has published its construction strategy, setting plans to make £1.7bn in efficiency savings and support 20,000 apprenticeships by 2020.

National BIM Strategy Launched in Spain

A strategy to introduce mandatory BIM working in public sector projects was launched in Spain in July. This marks a step-change in Spain’s approach to BIM, where up till now BIM use has been patchy, …

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Industry ‘Falling Short of Mandatory BIM Target’

Three quarters of construction professionals do not believe the industry is ready to meet mandatory BIM Level 2 requirements by 2016, according to research conducted by UK Construction Week in partnership with BRE.

Catalonia and Barcelona to set up BIM Working Group

Government of Catalonia and Barcelona City Council have decided to set up a BIM Working Group to help implement the culture, values, work methods and digital and electronic technologies needed to train industry, government, research …

Property sector needs Govt support

The real estate sector could be heading for major trouble unless the Government takes “supportive measures” to help set it right.

BIM for Clients

Benedict Wallbank of Smart BIM Solutions explains why clients should be as interested in specifying BIM as the construction side of the industry.

UK construction sector could be “world leader” on building information modelling

The UK construction sector could become a “world leader” in the use of building information modelling (BIM) technology, the Government has said.