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BIFM is calling on FM professionals to take part in a consultation process on the development of a publicly available specification (PAS) on building information modelling (BIM).

Durapipe Sees Double With BIM

The use of BIM in the building services sector seems to be slowly but surely increasing, as plastic pipe manufacturer, Durapipe UK, has seen use of its BIM models more than double in 2016.

CIC survey touts BIM as 'future of construction'

Building information modelling (BIM) represents the future of construction, according to a survey conducted by Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Center (CIC).

Less than a fifth have heard of smart cities

A new survey has revealed a substantial number of the UK public are unaware of smart cities…

A lighting scheme designed using 3D (and 4D) BIM techniques. Bentley

ECA Carries out BIM Survey Ahead of 2016 Deadline

Because of the efficiency and cost saving advantages of BIM for construction professionals – including electrical contractors – it has slowly been gaining ground as a technique. But are these professionals ready to use BIM …

AEC Sector Dominates BIM Use in World Survey

The architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector is leading the take-up of BIM (building information modelling), according to a worldwide survey carried out by Business Advantage.

Calls to Participate in BIM ‘Heat Map’ Survey

ICE is calling on civil engineers from all infrastructure sectors to participate in its 2015 Building Information Modelling (BIM) ‘heat map’ survey, which seeks to find out more about the application of BIM in the …

2015 BIM Experience Survey – Preliminary Results

BIM champions have been extolling its virtues of design efficiency, construction cost and time savings, and maintenance economies for owners. Yet BIM has not become as widely used as expected in the United States.

Benefits of BIM are over-hyped, survey finds

More than half of those in the industry believe benefits of using BIM are more hype than substance!

Global State of BIM

McGraw Hill Construction recently published its first SmartMarket Report on the adoption and use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for construction projects worldwide.