From BIM 3D to 4D: Don’t be a self-proclaimed BIM user

It’s a general knowledge that while working with a general CAD system, the drafter is limited to a vector image.


4D BIM is an area of interest for General Contractors; Why?

Being a building design and construction design support service provider, we ensure to meet the exact requirements of our clients; mostly general contractors.


BIM – Fact or Whim?

Building Information Modeling or BIM has been around the architectural profession for several decades, but it is just now hitting the offices and projects in the construction industry as new delivery and contracting methods are …


Architectural and Structural BIM

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4D helps ‘see’ risks in projects

Integrating 4D into the entire planning process helps visualise the risks associated with projects especially those involving a large amount of data.

Case Studies

Maricopa County Downtown Court Tower, Phoenix, AZ

“To visually illustrate the concrete wall pour schedule to the sub-contractors, I imported a shop drawing PDF into Google SketchUp, created a model off of it, and then imported the 3D SketchUp model and the …

Case Studies

Sacramento International Airport's Terminal B

“Synchro assisted us in demonstrating our knowledge of the project and our ability to solve key issues through the use of 4D simulation. Synchro is an extremely efficient tool that helped us illustrate the effectiveness …

Case Studies

DZK (Danzigerkade) Building in Amsterdam

“Synchro has helped our clients to see and realize the complex construction process, time management, material and cash flow management along with efficient site logistics.” — Deepak Shah, Executive Director — Projects and Process, 3D …

Case Studies

Kaiser Permanente Anaheim's Replacement Hospital

“Time to draw the CMU bracing=1 hour Time to incorporate it into the Synchro Model=5 minutes Time to find the conflicts=30 seconds Time and headaches saved out in the field=Priceless!”