Architecture Conferences

Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts – 2nd Edition


Grand Nile Tower Hotel
Cairo, Egypt

Friday, 28th September 2018
06:00 - 16:45 UTC +0000

In this conference, examples dealing with the urban identity as well as the transformation of cities that shape the current art scene in different places of the world will be discussed.

This type of architectural art continuously renews itself: from new materials to different means of communication.

This art also renews itself from new approaches to perceptual paradigms and nature in the millennium, from new subjects to manifestations. Contemporary art continues to be produced in various directions, consumed and put forward into ideas.

This conference will present how citizens see their cities and how they physically or mentally compare it with the ideal city in their own perceptions.

However, a city’s identity presents distinguishing factors that make it unique and unlike any other.

IEREK aims to focus on the basis of urban identity as well as investigate the different approaches developed in Architecture and Contemporary art.

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