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Live Webinar: Drone Mapping for Construction

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Lausanne, Switzerland

Tuesday, 16th January 2018
05:00 - 05:45 EST -0500

Join us for our very first live webinar to learn how drone mapping can save you both time and money on your construction projects.


Julian Norton, Business Development Manager for Construction at Pix4D

Guest speaker:

Harvey Jassal, Innovation & Technology Manager at Costain

Join this free webinar and learn about:

  • Photogrammetry and drone mapping: how it works

  • Drone mapping deliverables: how to retrieve powerful insights from drone data

  • How to get started and achieve efficient drone mapping

  • How to integrate drone data into your design and construction process

 The webinar will be 40 minutes and include time for live Q&A.

A video recording of the webinar will be sent to everyone who registers, so be sure to sign up even if you cannot attend.


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