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Doors and Windows in Your BIM Design - ARCHLine.XP Webinar

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Budapest, Hungary

Tuesday, 19th December 2017
09:00 - 09:45 EST -0500

Doors and windows are crucial elements ofso you need to know how to handle them in a BIM environment. your designs, What happens when you need to model intricate shapes? What to do when you need to create customized openings?

Join our next webinar to see the many opening-related features ARCHLine.XP delivers. The interactive show will look at how to tackle everyday design challenges, and how it all comes together with BIM in mind.

Topics discussed

  • insert, modify, position, resize, copy openings in your design
  • internal and external door and window libraries
  • creating customized openings from objects, images, measured data
  • the many uses of courtain walls and corner windows
  • opening properties, and other BIM aspects
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