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Al Azhar’s 14th International Conference on: Engineering, Architecture and Technology

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Grand Royal Motel, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Cairo, Egypt

Thursday, 14th December to Saturday, 16th December 2017
02:00 - 10:00 EST -0500

Engineering Science is one of the disciplines and careers in the community that specializes in studying various branches, such as; arts, sciences, physics, mathematics, computer and further engineering branches. 

Engineering Science integrates all the previously mentioned branches together in creative ways to develop new technological solutions of engineering analysis for testing, production, maintenance and construction.

Architecture Engineering is a branch of engineering which combines art, science & Technology and application of engineering principles for the development designing, planning and construction.

Architecture is the constant innovation in designing for high-efficiency in the performance of buildings, in terms of planning, construction and lighting, while maintaining and applying the art in its form.

Technology is applied sciences that is concerned with the study of evolution and many others such as, industry, arts & crafts and all related subjects.

In Engineering, Technology aims to prepare the next generation of technical professionals in order to contribute in future developments in different technical fields.

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