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BIM Conference 2017: Unlocking the potential of BIM


Adelphi House, Salford
Salford, United Kingdom

Tuesday, 11th July 2017
04:00 - 11:30 EDT -0400

“Sustained leadership from central Government is crucial to maintain industry commitment to invest in BIM capability.” – Government Construction Strategy 2016-20

The use of Business Information Modelling (BIM) on UK Government funded projects has already resulted in £3 billion in cost savings. According to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, while the construction industry is often criticised for delivering projects “late and over budget”, BIM offers “predictability”, “effectiveness” and “efficiency”. The Government has been quick to acknowledge the environmental and economic benefits of BIM. Since 2016, all construction firms bidding for central Government contracts have been required to have Level 2 BIM status. With focus now shifting to Level 3 BIM, there has never been a more exciting time for the digital construction sector.  

Join us for the BIM Conference 2017 where leading experts will discuss recent developments and provide valuable insights into the future of BIM. Understand the benefits of widespread use of BIM in the construction industry, assess the impact of Level 2 BIM, learn how future Government initiatives will promote further BIM uptake, explore the very latest BIM technology and analyse examples of best practice.

09:00   Registration, Refreshments and Exhibition        

10:00   Opening Remarks from Chair          

Professor Jason Underwood, Professor in BIM and Construction ICT and Programme Director of the MSc. in Building Information Modelling, University of Salford

10:05  Keynote

Dr Anne Kemp. BIM Fellow and Technical Director, Atkins

The bare necessities of BIM.        

Anne will look at what organisations need to positively implement BIM, from the right foundations to behaviours. She’ll give insight into pitfalls and success stories. 

  • The way forward.          
  • The foundations.          
  • The people.          
  • The pitfalls.          
  • What success looks like?          

10:50  Graeme Forbes. CEO, Clearbox

Collaborating or sharing - what are we actually doing?        

At the moment is the industry truly collaborating or just sharing information? And, what does it need to do to really progress towards true collaboration?

  • How are we working at the moment and why?&          
  • What needs to change in the way we handle the information?          
  • An example of how one firm is succeeding          

Including Q&A                        

11:15   Refreshments & Networking Break                

11:40   SEMINAR

(A)Morgan Sindall (Construction & Infrastructure)

Lee Ramsey is the National lead for Design Management and BIM within Morgan Sindall Construction. Lee created constructions 2020 BIM vision, objectives and strategy.        

Trevor leads the MSPS architectural team in Scotland and member of the BIM Core team in MS Construction.        

Richard Harrison leads Viewpoint’s project support team and understands the collaboration pressures upon us.                

Lester Morgan developed Edocument’s innovative Handover Information Solution and has worked in this specialist area for 15 years.                

Practical Delivery of Level 2                

Morgan Sindall will present the practically delivery of Level 2 projects and the challenges, with support from Viewpoint and Edocuments.                

  • Client demand – Forecasting the growth and supporting clients          
  • Methodology – New way of working and integration          
  • How to set up a project for success  - Employers Information Requirements and scoping of data                    
  • Sharing data – Collaboration and workflows to manage data                    
  • Handover – Electronic operation and maintenance information and creation of COBie                    

(B)Artur Slupinski, Architect VELUX Modular Skylights

“VELUX digital strategy – shedding light on how we do it”                

The presentation shows the considerations that VELUX have dealt with in our digital strategy from its early stages till today.                

  • What we at VELUX think is the mission of a manufacturer with regards to BIM development could be                    
  • How can information and 3d objects be linked in a practical/usable way                    
  • At what stage does the a project go beyond graphical representation and into BIM                    

12:20   Alan George Muse. Global Director of Built Environment, RICS

BIM for Business Management                

Utilising BIM for project, cost and facilities management, or business management, offer construction industry clients the biggest potential improvements in their process and profits.        

  • Much of the current BIM debate and standards is concerned with design.          
  • Decision-making, however, requires a business management focus to information needs.          
  • BIM needs a more integrated approach in this area and standards need to be developed to support this.          

12:45   Chris Jackson and Alasdair Hind, Head of Commercial Practice & Customer Success Consultant, Esri (UK) Ltd. 

Including Q&A                

GIS and BIM                

The UK governments are promoting BIM (Building Information Modelling) as a process for creating, managing and delivering digital information as part of construction projects. The long term goal is to make the operation of the built environment more efficient through the use of digital information. BIM is already transforming the way data is managed in major construction projects. This session looks at the role of GIS as one of the software tools in the BIM process from design, through construction and on into the operation phase.                

  • The role and potential of GIS through the BIM lifecycle                    
  • GIS in the digital handover                    

13:10   Lunch & Networking                

14:15   Opening Remarks from Chair

Professor Jason Underwood, Professor in BIM and Construction ICT and Programme Director of the MSc. in Building Information Modelling, University of Salford

14:20   Richard Saxon CBE. Principal, Consultancy for the Built Environment

Bringing Clients into BIM                

Clients should be the main beneficiary of BIM but they are not yet. How do we help them to get the benefits on offer?

  • Explaining the value of BIM to clients                    
  • How BIM changes the client role                    
  • What ‘active’ clients need to do.                    

15:05   Andy Tichy, Regional Director, SPSenvirowall

Including Q&A                

Simplifying the building fabric on multiple finish facades with SPSenvirowall TS Rail.                

With the popularity of multiple finish facades, the SPSenvirowall TS Rail system provides design flexibility in combined brick and render finishes whilst keeping the fabric homogenous.                

  • TS Rail explained          
  • Benefits          
  • Design Ideas          

15:30   Refreshments & Comfort Break        

15:55   Sarah Davidson. Director, Head of Research and Development, Gleeds

Taking a security minded approach to BIM: data, behaviour and cyberattack.        

A discussion about: working in a security minded way, thinking about the increasing use of common data environments and the resulting aggregation of data and information.        

  • Understanding the physical v the cyber environment and the relationship to BIM          
  • The risks – where they lie, why they are now a more likely reality          
  • Consideration of sensitive assets and sensitive data and information          
  • Understanding security minded behaviour, underpinned by standards and certification          
  • Thinking about a baseline approach for all projects          

16:20   Jacqueline Lynch. Business Development Executive, Asite.

Build Earth Live – Hyperloop Overview                

A synopsis of the recent BIM competition hosted by Asite for the Hyperloop in Dubai                

  • BIM                    
  • Collaboration                    
  • Information Management                    

Including Q&A                

16:45   Nicholas Nisbet MA (Cantab) DipArch (UNL). Director, AEC3 UK Ltd and Vice-Chair, BuildingSMART UK Chapter 

The international view of the UK BIM initiative.        

The UK Government BIM initiative began in 2011. Five years later, How does it look from overseas?        

  • Is the UK really in the lead?          
  • Will others copy or overtake?          

17:10   Casey Rutland. Director, Digital Green

Project BIM Genesis - Defining data needs.        

A session highlighting the importance of defining data needs and requirements by ANY employer.

  • Why define data needs?          
  • Who is responsible for it?          
  • How are teams appointed to deliver it?          

17:35   Closing Remarks from Chair

17:40   Conference Close

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