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Digital Design in Architecture Conference: Building the future


Adelphi House, Salford
Salford, United Kingdom

Tuesday, 27th June 2017
04:30 - 11:30 EDT -0400

“Architects are creative, visionary and collaborative professionals who ensure that our built environment serves and strengthens communities now and in the future.” - Alan Vallance, Chief Executive of the Royal Institute of British Architects

The information and big data revolution is transforming the way we live and work in cities. While the architecture and construction sectors have historically been slow to adopt new techniques, recent developments have begun to challenge long held assumptions and traditional methods. Innovations such as performance modelling, 3D printing and smart technology mean buildings can be designed to the smallest detail and problems can be anticipated and solved long before a single brick is laid.  

Join us for the Digital Design in Architecture Conference where experts at the cutting edge of the built environment revolution will provide unique insights into how the buildings of the future will be created. Learn how digital design is changing the way we work, from first drafts to completed construction.

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