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FARO 3D Conference 2017


trend factory, Marketing und Veranstaltungs GmbH, Kraftwerk, Neckartal 68
Rottweil, Germany

Thursday, 27th April to Friday, 28th April 2017
03:00 - 12:00 EDT -0400

The world of 3D recording is undergoing radical change: Technologies such as Google Tango, Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus, iPhone 7, photogrammetry and drones – to name but a few – are crowding onto the 3D market and will influence it with lasting effect. This development offers us a multitude of opportunities, which we want to use to shape the market proactively. It isn't enough just to observe the market and market developments precisely; it is also important to work together and share knowledge continuously to create solutions that identify and exploit market potential.

This is exactly what our 3D Conference is about.

In keeping with the motto "EXPERIENCE THE LATEST IN REALITY CAPTURE," we will present you with countless innovative product developments. These include new additions to our prize-winning FARO Focus range of laser scanners. The new FocusS and FocusM laser scanners combine the typical characteristics of the FARO Focus laser scanner product line, including significant technological innovations like the IP54 protection rating, HDR imaging and an extended range of operating temperatures.

In the course of workshops, you will learn from international laser scanning experts using a wide variety of example applications. For instance, using 180 LSA scanning projects, analysis will be carried out as to why users in industry and architecture need reliable 3D data and how they can best use these according to their requirements and current market developments. It will also be determined which FARO products generate the greatest possible benefits along the entire workflow.

In hands-on training, our experts will show you how you can efficiently process very large quantities of data through the structured application of SCENE software. Further workshops look at PointSense, Graphisoft and AutoCAD, offering exciting insights into usage cases for 3D technology.

Let yourself be caught up in the atmosphere of the Rottweil power plant near Stuttgart and take advantage of the opportunity to network and get up to date, as well as enjoying the entertaining workshops and speeches.

We look forward to being able to welcome you to the 3D Conference 2017 in April.

The conference will be conducted in English.

What you can expect

The conference agenda composes many different presentations, use cases, learning sessions, discussion rounds and keynote speeches. To learn more, please check out the details below or have a look at the presentation abstracts.

Comprehensive presentations on the latest hardware and software solutions from FARO and its development partners. They will provide hands-on insights in the tips and tricks on how to most efficiently utilize FARO’s Software and Hardware products to increase ROI and to reduce time required to handle the products.

Daily keynotes deliver a real insight into the changing world of 3D and provide visionary thoughts.

The 3D Conference provides the platform to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information between users and interested parties of the various systems and technologies.

During the event there will be plenty of opportunities for the participants to establish networks and get in discussion with FARO experts, thought leaders, innovators and 3D community partners and experts.

Freely explore and interact with the stunning 3D point clouds captured by FARO’s latest laser scanners. Intuitive gestures make navigation, inspection and measurement of the virtual world come naturally.

The FARO VR Point Cloud Viewer brings your scan projects to the Oculus Rift. It can be customized for your specific needs using the FARO VR Point Cloud Generator. The HTC Vive demonstrator tracks your exact location 360˚ in space, enabling a room-scale VR experience

Come visit us and experience the Virtual Reality with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive!”

This year’s agenda consists of a mixture of visionary thoughts, insights and knowledge transfer by FARO, but as well of plenty interesting real-live project and user presentations that show the diversity of applications and use cases of the FARO product portfolio. If you are interested in participating to contribute to this wide presentation variety, please don’t hesitate to apply to the Call for Papers. The template for your submittal of your paper abstract can be found here.

Real-life use case examples of industry experts related to specific training sessions that will showcase the usability of the latest Technology.

Get to meet FARO’s 3rd party partners, who will showcase their latest 3D products in a specific exhibition area.

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