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The why, what and how of BIM for infrastructure - Webinar


London, United Kingdom

Thursday, 2nd February 2017
12:30 - 13:30 UTC +0000

In 2016, BIM Level 2 has turned from target to reality and all sectors of the UK construction industry are striving to navigate through the waves created by the Government mandate deadline. Even after several years of BIM application in projects, understanding how to deliver services and meeting obligations in a BIM environment can be challenging, for both early and late adopters.

ICE and Autodesk have designed this webinar, to support the infrastructure industry in its BIM journey, answering a series of questions civil engineering professionals have been asking:

  • Why? - UK government has decided to embrace BIM Level2 for their infrastructure projects – What is the real, tangible value of BIM?
  • What? - Highlighting the requirements of BIM Level 2
  • How? - Describing a lifecycle/workflow of a project using BIM for infrastructure
  • How? - What steps should a company or organisation take to deploy and reap the benefits of BIM
  • How? - Can organisations implement BIM Level 2 on infrastructure? What support might they need during project delivery?  Examples of new workflows that are available. 

Who should attend: Director or manager or engineering practitioner – anyone with commercial and digital engineering interests within Civil Engineering or a local or central government organisation.

Join the webinar with Marek Suchocki and Peter Ingels from Autodesk, to enhance your BIM knowledge and to fully unlock your organisation’s potential.

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