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BIM4 Highways Launch Event

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Balfour Beatty 5, Churchill Place, Canary Wharf
London, United Kingdom

Thursday, 16th February 2017
12:00 - 14:15 EST -0500

We invite you to join us at the formal launch of BIM4 Highways. Join us to hear about our mission, activities so far and goals for 2017 and beyond.

Challenges for BIM in the Road and Highways Sector

We want to work together to overcome the main challenges and share lessons learnt and good practices. So, please come along prepared to share your thoughts and experiences of where we collectively need to focus our efforts.


17:30 - Arrivals and Coffee

18:00 - Welcome and Introduction to BIM4 Highways (David Owens)

18:10 - Overview to Infrastructure Asset Data Dictionary for UK (IADD4UK) (Iain Miskimmin, Chair - IADD4UK)

18:15 - History of BIM at Highways England – (David Owens, Costain)

18:30 - BIM at Surface Transport, Transport for London (TfL) (Michael Richards, TfL)

18:45 - Overview to BIM4 Infrastructure UK (Steven Eglinton, Chair - BIM4 Infrastructure UK)

18:50 - Group Discussion (25 mins) - to help define the Mission and Goals for BIM4 Highways

Come prepared with your thoughts on what you would like BIM4 Highways to focus on. It would be good to hear your successes stories and lessons learnt for where the opportunities are to improve things. Think about:

  • What should be the main goals for BIM4 Highways in 2017? Can YOU get involved?
  • What do YOU see as the main challenges and opportunities for BIM in the Highways Sector?
  • BIM Level 2 and BIM Level 3 - What does these mean for the Road and Highways Sectors?
  • Is there enough awareness of BIM across all Highways Orgs, contractors, suppliers and clients?

19:15 - Event End


19:15 - Networking - This event will be followed by Networking Drinks at Nearby Location - Sign-up for Details.

BIM4 Highways reserves the right to change speakers without notification

BIM4 Highways is part part of UK BIM Alliance and part of the BIM4 Infrastrcture UK 'family'.

We work closely with BIM4 Rail, BIM4 Water, Survey4 BIM, IADD4UK and BuildingSMART's InfraRoom.

Thank you to Balfour Beatty for hosting this event.

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