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London, United Kingdom

Friday, 8th July to Sunday, 10th July 2016
13:30 - 13:00 EDT -0400

“BIM Level What?!”: BIM Level 3 is coming! The UK is the BIM world leader, where we lead others follow. The UK is now developing BIM Level 3 which will enable the interconnected digital built environment and accelerate the delivery of smart cities, services and grids. But the BIM Level 3 concept is complex to understand.

Your challenge is to creatively explore BIM level 3 joining IoT, City Data and BIM models to develop and encourage Level 3 understanding and activity. Create an app, site, API, video, animation or project demonstrator. Data sources, guidance and mentoring will be available to your team and your idea must be created over the weekend.

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Mohammad Khalilpour
Posted 12th June 2016 10:43