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Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre
Singapore, Singapore

Monday, 25th July to Wednesday, 27th July 2016
00:30 - 09:30 UTC +0000

Dominik Schleipen and Damien Kerkhof will be speak about the power of BIM at Smart Communities and Built Environments, taking place at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre between 25th – 27th July 2016.

The pair will present  on the theme of ‘The Power of BIM Applied from an Urban Holistic Level to Individual Buildings’  supported with two key  case studies on West Kowloon Terminus XRL and The Jewel Changi, Singapore

Dominik Schleipen,  is Head of BIM and digital design for the API region, and  Damien Kerkhof is director for BuroHappold in Malaysia

They will talk about our holistic approach to BIM and Digital Design, using digital tools at different scales, from urban planning to individual buildings. Presenting several example projects, starting with an urban scale project. As examples for infrastructure projects at the scale of buildings, West Kowloon Terminus and “The Jewel” at Changi airport have been chosen to highlight projects in the region that are iconic, have a strong urban context and infrastructure aspect and highlight how different aspects of our BIM and digital design approach are applied to projects at the “buildings” scale.

Finally Damien will talk about the TRX project, which highlights developments around digital design that go beyond the common uses of BIM.

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