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Survey4BIM: Geospatial BIG 5 Challenges

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UCL, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT
London, United Kingdom

Wednesday, 29th June 2016
13:00 - 15:30 EDT -0400

About this event:

Join us to hear about the BIG 5 Geospatial Challenges and give your feedback about how we can work together to overcome them.

If you want to be part of shaping the UK's survey and geomatics sector to align with the evolving demands of Building Information Modelling (BIM), Digital Construction and Digital Engineering, come along and get involved.


Over the next five years, building information modelling (BIM) will drive not just transformation of the built environment, but also the geospatial industry itself. Its successful implementation is dependent on collaboration across all participants. The survey profession needs to be at the forefront of geo-enabling BIM.

The vision for BIM is clear, but its implementation in a geospatial context is not. These challenges are technical and, to a certain degree, cultural and ones where the geospatial profession has a significant and unique contribution to add. If BIM does not address the geospatial challenges, there is a risk the geospatial industry will not only miss a huge opportunity to be a key player in BIM, but become complicit in watching it fail.

The Survey4BIM believe geo-enabling BIM is a huge opportunity for the geospatial industry — not only to deliver commercial benefits for clients, for your business, for the UK industry, but to deliver the social benefits which BIM can enable.

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About Survey4BIM

Survey4BIM is a cross-industry group open to all organisations involved in the survey, collection, management, processing and delivery of geospatial information within a BIM context.

The groups make up is ...

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