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BIM for Geospatial Professionals

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Central London (details on sign-up)
London, United Kingdom

Thursday, 16th June 2016
08:30 - 15:30 UTC +0000

Who this is for: This course is for existing Geospatial Professionals (GIS, CAD, survey) and other Geomatics Professionals who want to learn more about Building Information Modelling (BIM) and what the opportunities are for 'Geo' Professionals. On this course BIM is used in the widest sense, it's NOT just about 3D/4D models!

  • Your experience with BIM concepts: Novice to Advanced beginner
  • Course Style: Classroom Seminar (tutor taught with interactive sessions) and follow-up calls
  • This course includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day
  • Course Location: This course is held in Central London (full details upon sign-up)

What we cover on the day:  

  • Overview to Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Common Data Environments (CDEs)
  • 3D Visualisation - requirements for 'BIM Level 2'
  • What is meant by 'BIM Level 2', 'BIM Level 3' etc
  • Open BIM Data Standards e.g. IFC, COBie
  • Introduction to UK Government BIM Standards - BS/PAS 1192 Suite
  • How Geospatial adds value to BIM
  • Data and Asset Classifications (Taxonomies)
  • Web GIS as a way in - opportunities to link with BIM concepts
  • Collaboration and Information Sharing - what's the best approach?
  • Where Information Management skills are used
  • How GIS, CAD and Survey data is adding value
  • The challenges of understanding across teams - how we tackle them
  • Making the business case for 'Geospatial' (inc. CAD & survey, not only GIS)
  • Understand how ‘Geospatial’ and spatial is part of BIM
  • Information Management (IM) and the value of GIS skills
  • High-Accuracy Data Collection - integrated workflows (ZenoCollector used as an example)
  • Metadata - how do we embed this?
  • Information Portals - Mapping Portals and others for 'BIM'
  • The changing role of GIS, CAD and survey professionals
  • How to embed innovation and improvement
  • Understanding your role and how you add value to your organisation


This course is a classroom-based seminar with the option of follow-up calls for 6 weeks (1 per week) to help you accelerate embedding what you have learnt in your business.

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