Energy Modeling

A Guide for Integrating BIM with Energy Modeling

The 5 Modeling Techniques for gbXML Energy Modeling Integration

Trailloop launched ‘A Guide for Integrating BIM with Energy Modeling’, a free ebook. Where readers will learn how to use the 5 fundamental modeling techniques used from a proven workflow that builds perfect energy models ...


Energy Savings + LEED Certification; Whole Building Energy Simulation

Sustainability is the new mantra that has taken the construction industry by storm. Energy modeling services are widely used in order to analyze and validate energy efficient building design solutions.

The fastest energy modeling workflow

iBIM Energy Modeling - The most time-efficient workflow

Interoperability with BIM for energy modeling can save you time, help you provide LEED feedback earlier and promote collaboration within your design team.

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Trailloop Launches BIM-Integrated Energy Modeling Online

Trailloop, an energy efficiency building design online learning academy, launches BIM-Integrated Energy Modeling Online Course.