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Building the case for BIM and modular construction

Politicians and architects are keen to sing BIM’s praises, but its potential as a powerful tool in the off-site construction sector remains largely untapped. In some cases, this is because those specifying projects don’t fully ...

Project Development Stages.<br>Courtesy of Leica Geosystems

Create Value for Owners by Embracing Change

While the term interoperability is commonly used to describe the ability of software applications to exchange data, it is much more, it is the ability to manage and communicate electronic product and project data between ...


Intelligent 3D Façade Templated Design

“Knowledge Based Engineering sounds like a complicated process but our simple application and approach allows an organisation to capture best practises and methodologies which become an automatic benefit for all concerned.” – Geoff Haines of ...


Streamlining BIM Workflow by Standardising Design Process

Streamlining BIM workflow by standardising design process - Desmond Leung

Develop process for your team

Give Your Team the Tools to Succeed

Developing process to create efficiency. Without an effective documented process and resources you’re production team is prone to inefficiencies. Every building is a “prototype”, however we still have the opportunity to create efficiencies in the ...



A Guide to Utilizing Design in the BIM Process

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BIM, success or failure, leap or crawl? (Processes and Protocols)

Posted on 04.12.2013 by Danny Mcgough BIM, success or failure, leap or crawl? In this article I’m going to question whether BIM protocols and improved collaborative and integrated working processes can be the lasting legacy ...