4D BIM Modeling – Improve Cost, Scheduling and Coordination of Building Project

Though the concept of 4D scheduling has been around over 20 years, it has not been popular due to some technical challenges associated with it.


DIY VDC: Owning Risk in Coordination to Reduce Liability

It's long been a tenet of mine that 3D modeling in AEC (including BIM, and its cousin, VDC) should be authored by those traditionally responsible for the 2-D documentation it displaces. This is true, in ...

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BIM Should Not Excuse Lack of Coordination

At best, the way we are implementing building information modelling (BIM) in the UK is becoming Monty Python’s “machine that goes ‘ping’”. At worst, it is a tragedy waiting to happen.


Comprehensive BIM package available from think project!

think project! is now offering a comprehensive solution package for BIM Collaboration, focusing on project-wide coordination and communication processes.

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BIM Beyond Consulting

The use of BIM technology in AEC has been integral to the coordination process for years and shows no signs of waning. However, the absence of installation contractors adopting BIM technology is perplexing given the ...


Implementing 4D BIM Construction Management Midway through The Project

You must have heard this often, that 4D BIM construction management is the best when implemented during the construction planning and design phase. However, what if you have not implemented it during this stage? Is ...


How the Construction Industry is getting 'Smart'

If you are to look at the traditional design process you will notice it resembles a linear work flow; a series of tasks in which one trade tends to pass their portion of a project ...

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10 Benefits of BIM for Healthcare Facility Development Projects

As with the construction of residential and commercial buildings, infrastructural facilities and civil construction projects, building design for healthcare facilities is critical and complex in nature.

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Odeh Engineers BIM Immersion Room

Odeh Engineers has designed a custom BIM Immersion Room where clients and designers can collaborate together.

Navisworks is capable of coordinating multiple complex systems
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Do It Right the First Time – Using BIM to Coordinate Systems During Design

One of the problems encountered with implementing a BIM program in a design firm is the difficulty in leveraging the use of the BIM tools to generate more direct design fees.