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BIM Implementation: Best Practices – Part 1

To ensure a successful BIM implementation, formal implementation strategies must be implied and they should be extended beyond rollout schedule and simple training.

4D BIM – Ease of work to Contractors or Managers

Nowadays, the benefits that 4D building information modeling give to the general contractors or project managers are really appreciable.

7 BIM Manager tasks that helps your business grow

Today companies in construction industry wonder whether they need a BIM Manager or they don’t? What are BIM Managers tasks ? How hiring a BIM Manager could be helpful? Etc. With this post, we have ...

Why should I invest 3d BIM technology?

Building information modeling was a new ways of working for construction industries, when this technology emerged first. But, now it is the widely accepted method regardless of the size of the industry or project. However, ...

Benefits of 3D bim modeling

Benefits of 3D BIM modeling services during pre-construction stage

Appropriate planning at the pre-construction stage leads to a successful project completion during construction. The article highlights the benefits of 3D BIM modeling services during pre-construction stage.

BIM in prefabrication

Save money using BIM in prefabrication process

Article talks about how BIM can help in reducing construction cost through implementing BIM during the prefabrication process.