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Digital supply chains: Building lasting relationships based on data

To overcome issues such as the fragmented communication between supply chain members, the inefficiencies regarding COBie data checking and quality, coBuilder are launching a new tool specially designed to facilitate client- contractor and contractor-supply chain ...

A 4 step process for the Asset Information Manager

With more than 20 000 active users in Norway, ProductXchange has been recognised as THE solution for the delivery of Asset Information for the Nordic market. Being available in the UK for under two years ...

Creating quality BIM data

Peter Foster, Director of Manufacturers and Merchants and Manufacturers, coBuilder UK talks about why we need to produce quality BIM data and how it is structured…

A 100% real-life unscripted BIM story

A Short Story About BIM

In an office far, far away, in time, not so long ago, a company was facing a great foe - a world without BIM...

The "Lego" metaphor - what can be simpler than that?

How to get your partner/family/friends to understand your involvement with BIM

Ever got that scolding look of your partner late at night while scrolling the latest news about BIM on your smartphone? BIM what, BIM who?

Can BIM make the Tower of Babel a symbol of progress, communication and innovation?

Building the tower of Babel with BIM - is it any different?

What prevented the Babel engineers from rising the Tower to the top? Do you remember the story? Is BIM the solution?

coBuilder's contribution to the UK BIM Level 2

coBuilder’s mission: digitising the UK construction industry now

Seamless digital collaboration is an imperative for the construction industry. The UK government monitors its implementation by mandating BIM level 2 usage on all government funded projects by 2016