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Beyond Information Requirements

The effect of increasing shifts in client sentiment, as felt throughout the supply chain, are captured head on as Nicholas Nisbet (BuildingSMART UKI) introduces a call to arms that champions asset performance and new business ...

BIM Journal Issue 5 - BIM for Facilities Management

Welcome to Issue 5 of BIM Journal, a themed publication that deep dives into a pertinent topic of the day from the BIM/ Digital AEC realm.

openBIM and Environmental Sustainability

There are other areas in which openBIM can be adapted to be beneficial, and one of the ways that these effects can be projected is in the reduction of a building’s environmental impact. BIM Journal ...

openBIM and buildingSMART International pt 2

openBIM as a collection of standards and an industrial ideal establishes the foundations for collaborative design and operation. BIM Journal Issue 01 Article 02 pt 2. Core Principles and Rooms

openBIM and buildingSMART International pt 1

The main standards from buildingSMART International, who provide the leading neutral forum for consensus that supports the creation, adoption and use of openBIM standards worldwide. BIM Journal Issue 01 Article 02 pt 1

What Interoperability really means in a BIM context?

It has been an interesting week for interoperability in the BIM world. Three of the dominant players have made public statements on their strategy for BIM interoperability. Autodesk and Trimble issued a joint press release ...

How adopting the open standards approach to BIM will mean you are always a winner

The good news on BIM: we’re all converts now. The bad news: the road we’re travelling is a bit longer and even trickier than we realised.

Information deficiencies in the AEC industry

The prevalence of inaccurate and deficient information has become an increasing problem for the AEC industry. The most important requirement for making good decisions is information, and poor quality data limits the effectiveness of the ...