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Working faster and smart with BIM

Miller Electric Company used a BIM process powered by the Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection and Schneider Electric's plugin for Revit, LayoutFAST, to design and fabricate a complex electrical grid for the new Baptist ...

Top ten reasons to choose GRAITEC as your Autodesk Partner

Top Ten Reasons to Choose GRAITEC as your Autodesk Partner

Discover the top ten reasons why GRAITEC is the Autodesk Partner of choice, worldwide!

Explore BIM Models in Virtual Reality

What if you could look at your model and see exactly how it would look in a real environment – and then explore it inside and out in virtual reality?

Insights On BIM For FM

Facility Executive collaborated with one of the event’s exhibitors, IMAGINiT Technologies, to ask one of the company’s representatives about BIM for facility management.

CAD Corporation Unpacks BIM

Autodesk BIM solutions help turn information into insight and deliver business value at every step in the process.

Project Aquila: Combining BIM and IoT

Project Aquila aspires to solve the issue of power consumption (and maybe save a bit of energy and money) with a smart monitoring system for factories and commercial buildings that combines BIM and IoT.

BIM Enhances the Construction Industry in Africa

The CAD Corporation recently held an Autodesk User Conference in Cape Town. The CAD Corporation Cape Town invited both current and prospective Autodesk users to join in showcasing the latest in design concepts and technology.

Autodesk Consulting Helps NCC Integrate Drone Technology into BIM Models

Watch this video to learn how NCC leverages BIM and drone technology to reduce risk during construction.

MX3D to 3D print a steel bridge in Amsterdam

With robots that can “draw” steel structures in 3D, MX3D will print a bridge over water in the center of Amsterdam"

This phenomenon is scale-independent and can be utilized for self-constructing and manufacturing systems at nearly every scale.

Self-Assembly & Programmable Material

A cross-disciplinary research lab at MIT inventing self-assembly and programmable material technologies aimed at reimagining construction, manufacturing, product assembly and performance.