Cloud-Based Data Management

Figure 1. Some projects on which EADOC was or is being used for construction management: (top to bottom) Los Osos Water Recycling Facility, San Jose Health Center, and Henderson’s Southwest Water Reclamation Facility.

Bentley EADOC: Cloud-Based Construction Management

EADOC was launched in 2006 for web based collaborative construction management and since then, it has continued to expand its scope and capabilities as well as its client roster.


CodeBook PRO - Cloud Services

Cloud services for hosting CodeBook Project Databases allowing users to take advantage of the significant speed, security and data integrity performance enhancements delivered by SQL. From hosting to providing data management support for users working ...

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Three New Trends to Bolster the 3D and BIM Vertical

3D is now inherently associated with BIM and Cloud Computing. So any new trend in the Cloud architecture or in building information modeling (BIM) is sure to affect 3D.