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BIM&CO adds ETIM to its classification systems and communications standards.

BIM&CO is introducing the international classification standard ETIM to its platform. ETIM provides a standardised way of classifying electrical and climate control products, simplifying the process of communicating and exchanging information about them at every ...

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A Comparison of Construction Classification Systems

A Comparison of Construction Classification Systems Used for Classifying Building Product Models


Enabling Tools - Periodic Table of BIM

The ENABLING TOOLS are responsible for bringing your Building Information Modelling deliverables to life. They’ll help build up a range of graphical, non-graphical and associated project documentation throughout the lifespan of your project in sufficient ...

STABU Bouwbreed specification software
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STABU Moving Forward

The STABU specification system, STABU2, has been in the market for 25 years. The system with users having this many years of experience is a defacto standard in the Dutch construction industry. But the industry ...