Case Studies


BIM Strategy on Russian Production Facility (Bentley)

Bentley’s Interoperable Software Reduces Design Time by 25 Percent

Crossrail: Durward Stair Shaft by Waldeck Consulting

The first of two case studies by Waldeck as featured in BIM Journal Issue 03...

AG5 Uses AECOsim Building Designer for Comprehensive Building Information Modeling

Small Architecture Practice Realizes Optimized Workflows and Higher Productivity

The Monte Rosa Hut in Switzerland is an excellent example of the ongoing evolution in the design and construction process. An integrated team used modularized design, sustainability, and building information modeling to achieve outstanding results.

Sustainability, Modular Design, and BIM

It is an exciting time to be an architect: We are living and working in a time of a convergence of evolutionary activities that allow those of us engaged in designing, renovating, and operating buildings ...

Courtesy of John Zona III

Using BIM to design a ‘Net Zero’ home

In nature, nothing is perfectly square, and organisms orient themselves by the sun. Both truths explain the fresh design of the “net zero” Zona home.

Interoperability and BIM - Case Studies

This article features highlights from Build Smart conference, focusing on how each case study was used to validate a specific benefit of interoperability or BIM.

Monte Rosa Hut

Sustainable Lodging in the Alps

Banana Farm 1.0

Mr. Lovins designed and helped build a structure that not only became his home, but also RMI’s headquarters and main workplace, and a showcase for RMI’s green engineering practices.