Case Studies


BIM Confirms Ancient Wisdom

‘Measure twice, cut once,’ as the old saying goes. With new technology proving to be the perfect measuring tool, the twenty-first century takes this ancient wisdom even further. Here’s an overview of the experiences of ...

BIM-mandated project-Staying on the fast track

RLF uses Autodesk BIM solutions to design and coordinate a fast-track government healthcare facility—on time and on budget.

Autodesk Headquarters for AEC

A New England commercial interiors project breaks new ground with integrated project delivery.


Flagship BIM Case Study: Designing and Building the New CENTCOM HQ

Autodesk AEC Headquarters and Integrated Project Design

In 2008, Autodesk Inc. decided to design a new headquarters in Waltham, Mass., using a new approach to save money, time, and meet all of its building goals.