Case Studies

3D Modelling SteelX

Tekla Modeling for 1000 ton Capacity Steel Silo in New South Wales, Australia

The team created TEKLA model & generate shop drawing for 1000 ton capacity steel silo in New South Wales.

Steel Detailing and Shop Drawing

Steel Detailing and Shop Drawing for New South Wales based Pedestrian Bridge

Steel Detailing For Pedestrian Bridge on Great Western Highway 5 in New South Wales Australia

Deployed Tekla Modeling and Steel Detailing Capabilities for a Railway Station Depot in UK

The team Created Structural steel detailing along with Shop drawings, modelling, GA drawings, reports and bill of materials for construction of a railway station depot.

Midfield Terminal Building - Abu Dhabi International Airport (MTB-ADIA)

Midfield Terminal Building - Abu Dhabi International Airport (MTB-ADIA) : Part One of Two

The Midfield Terminal Building of the Abu Dhabi Airport (MTB-ADIA) is a $3billion, 700,000-sqm development, providing a terminal building with passenger and cargo facilities, duty-free shops and restaurants for a total capacity of 27-40 million ...

The Summit Building, Mount Snowdon

StruM.I.S and StruCad combine to deliver the highest project in England and Wales - detailed and fabricated by EvadX Ltd.

Interoperability and BIM - Case Studies

This article features highlights from Build Smart conference, focusing on how each case study was used to validate a specific benefit of interoperability or BIM.


‘The Dubai Mall is setting a new dimension in modern engineering as well as in the roll out of innovative retail and leisure elements… it will be the region’s premier shopping and entertainment destination for ...