Case Studies

HealthcareX 3D BIMX

Kaiser Permanente Anaheim's Replacement Hospital

"Time to draw the CMU bracing=1 hour Time to incorporate it into the Synchro Model=5 minutes Time to find the conflicts=30 seconds Time and headaches saved out in the field=Priceless!"

The Mission Hospital - St. Joseph Health System

The Mission Hospital Patient Care Tower in Mission Viejo, California is 4 stories over a basement for a total of 94,176 square feet. The Basement includes a central plant, tunnel to the existing tower, and ...

St. Vincent's Hospital, New Cystic Fibrosis Ward Block

But the company soon realized Synchro's other strengths such as Spatial Coordination...

Phoenix Childrens Hospital Project

Phoenix Childrens Hospital (PCH) is a leader in pediatric care and is one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the country.