Building Lifecycle Management

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How to integrate BIM with business processes?

The digital transformation in the construction industry is causing a paradigm shift and disrupting the status quo for all stakeholders involved.

White Papers

Four Traps Slowing Utilization of BIM in Healthcare

While an increasing number of healthcare owners are receiving BIM data following construction projects, not all are putting this information to use.


Value of BIM-ILM Integration in the Design, Build and Operation Phases

With BIM providing a complete lifecycle perspective of design data for a building, and ILM providing a complete lifecycle of operational business data for a building, the two used in conjunction create many integration touch ...

Three phases of Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM)

BIM Integrated Lifecycle Management

As projects are becoming more complex and project management more onerous, there has been an increased demand for more sophisticated and holistic project management solutions. Infrastructure Lifecycle Management (ILM) has emerged as one of these ...

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Schneider Electric and Autodesk team up for building lifecycle management

Schneider Electric announced the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding with Autodesk to enhance current practices for building lifecycle management based on Building Information Modeling (BIM).