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New Technologies in BIM Encourage Project Deployments in Harsh Conditions

Modern technologies have transformed the BIM market to a greater extent worldwide. Many startups have fueled the industry with their capabilities.

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Building Information Modeling (BIM) paves path for District Information Modelling (DIM)

BIM is a data repository of building components, which aids the DIM initiative. However, we as humans will have to take that next logical step to gain insight in the BIM data to include multiple ...

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ViCon Member Presented the BIM Road Map for Germany in Berlin

HOCHTIEF ViCon's Head of product development Dr. Jan Tulke presented the highly anticipated road map for BIM in Germany in front of 400 selected delegates.

UW students use virtual-reality modeling programs at the Center for Education and Research in Construction. The Dept. of Construction Management has a new certificate program in building information modeling, in partnership with Skanska. Image courtesy of University of Washington
BIM News

UW-Skanska New Certificate Program in Building Information Modeling

The 11-week course is available for students and professionals and teaches BIM software skills, and virtual design, and construction processes that have real-world applications. Next Session starts on January 5th and registrations will be accepted ...