Resources - Periodic Table of BIM

Whatever stage you’re at on your journey towards BIM implementation, there’s a heap of useful resources you can take advantage of each and every step of the way. From vlogs and videos to social sharing ...

The "Lego" metaphor - what can be simpler than that?

How to get your partner/family/friends to understand your involvement with BIM

Ever got that scolding look of your partner late at night while scrolling the latest news about BIM on your smartphone? BIM what, BIM who?

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Some Thoughts on BIM Managers....

“This evolution never occurred as a CAD Manager, I believe that the “BIM Manager” role is evolving still and will be a staple component to all projects.”


How Project Information Management Software Is Improving BIM And QMS In The UK

The industry publication recently ran a continuing professional development module about project information management software that highlights some of the concerns of United Kingdom design and construction professionals. This blog post captures highlights.



The expectations around BIM have reached an all-time high as the industry waits with bated breath to see what will happen come 2016.