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ClearEdge3D Releases Construction Verification Software

New software verifies the accuracy of as-built construction against design/fabrication models—offers deep integration with Autodesk Navisworks.

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Bentley Systems and Topcon join forces to advance cloud services for ‘constructioneering’

Engineers’ connected data environments will span survey and construction processes for comprehensive project delivery benefits

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Integration of BIM and Crane Automation in Construction

Some contractors are leading BIM to field/field to BIM and have started to utilise 3D-machine control systems in earthworks and site excavations on building sites.


What is BIM-to-Field

BIM-to-Field is the process of taking the accurate digital data in an information model and using it to inform accurate construction, operations or maintenance out on site. Tools such as the Robotic Total Station (RTS) ...

BIM with boots on
White Papers

BIM for construction sites: BIM with boots on whitepaper by FINALCAD

A BIM strategy will never be complete until it’s challenged against reality. FINALCAD acts as a two-way interface between BIM and mobile apps for the field; by extracting the right level of BIM data for ...

Video showing how the Daqri Smart Helmet works

Augmented-Reality Construction Helmet to 'Change the Nature of Work'

LA-based augmented reality company Daqri has unveiled a smart hardhat that gives workers "unprecedented levels of information about the world around them".

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Leica Geosystems & Autodesk's Next Generation BIM 360 Layout Robot

Seamless integration between the full line of Leica iCON robots and the Autodesk BIM 360 Layout app gives BIM and VDC professionals increased flexibility for faster, easier and more accurate quality assurance checks.


The Ever Evolving BIM Process with Murphy Surveys

At Murphy Surveys we are accustomed to clients asking for a wide variety of deliverables when it comes to their surveying needs. Whether it’s different types of software outputs or customised surveys, we invariably have ...

BIM to field application with Topcon’s LN-100

BIM to Field Application with Topcon’s LN-100

The new device is Topcon’s LN-100 robotic layout navigator; a highly advanced site measurement and setting out instrument, which is making life remarkably straightforward for teams on construction projects.

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Leica Geosystems Announces Collaboration with Autodesk

Leica Geosystems has announced its new collaboration with software providers Autodesk to streamline construction workflows and develop software for reality capture and Building Information Modeling (BIM).