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A Quick Look at PAS 1192-7

In light of the prior Standards article, here is Kieran Parkinson (Market Development Manager, Built Environment, BSI) to shed a little more light on what we can expect from the upcoming part seven of the ...


Nuclear BIM & Digital with Philip Isgar

In terms of the Nuclear sector then when it comes to all things BIM and strategy we should look no further than Philip Isgar (Sunbeam Management Solutions). Chair of the Nuclear Institute Digital Community Special ...

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EU BIM Task Group launches BIM handbook

Handbook provides guidance for consistent public-sector adoption and the strategic implementation of BIM across Europe


2016: What Does it Look Like for BIM?

2016 is a key moment for the implementation of Building Information Modelling. April represents the long-awaited date by which BIM Level 2 must be implemented on all centrally funded government projects.


Straight Talk - Mark Bew, Chairman, HM Government BIM Working Group

UK government BIM task group chair Mark Bew sets out his views on the challenge of taking the UK supply chain to BIM level compliance by 2 April 2016 and explains the new target to ...


Using BIM to close the performance gap

Over the last 12 months we’ve seen an encouraging shift in the understanding of BIM in the UK. The true value of BIM is becoming clearer, in that the ultimate outcome is not 3D CAD ...

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PAS 1192-5 – Overview

PAS 1192-5:2015, Specification for security-minded building information modelling, digital built environments and smart asset management.


Protecting BIM from the dark side

This article considers the potential scope of responsibility and risk of liability faced by such an Information Manager, including the potential obligations arising from upcoming EU Regulations.

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Manifesto BIM Barcelona: 1st BIM Task Group in Spain

A BIM working group has been established in Barcelona, Spain, the first BIM task group in the country. The group will work on existing infrastructure and pending projects, and it will plan for future smart ...


The Level 3 BIM strategic plan

Tucked away at the end of a government announcement by Vince Cable about pre-assembly techniques in house building, came the launch of BIM level 3. Ref BIS Government backs manufacturing with action plan and cash ...