BIM Managers


4D BIM – Ease of work to Contractors or Managers

Nowadays, the benefits that 4D building information modeling give to the general contractors or project managers are really appreciable.

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Being Organized

Having organizational skills is crucial to leading a successful BIM project team. Here is one tip on how to be the Best BIM Manager.

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Managing Your New Manager Role

When making the transition to manager, there is an increase in responsibility and also an internal increase in your own expectations to do a good job. Often this translates into overmanaging.


Qualifications of a BIM Manager

Until the day when BCA mandates that BIM managers should possess a Specialist Diploma certificate, the qualifications of BIM managers are still vague. Anyone can "grow" into a BIM manager with some form of self-study ...

List Standard 2015

BIM Standards list by David Barco

Compilation of standards, guidelines, protocols, Most Used standars and / or Recognized. It is an Evolving list and to complete any contribution is welcome.

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Some Thoughts on BIM Managers....

“This evolution never occurred as a CAD Manager, I believe that the “BIM Manager” role is evolving still and will be a staple component to all projects.”


Does your firm need an in-house BIM Manager? The answer may surprise you...

I would like to put forward the argument that the position description "BIM Manager" is becoming too generic, too non-descript to actually be useful in evaluating or determining what a BIM person actually does.