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Product Manufacturers need to create BIM Content - but how and why?

As the world of BIM evolves and continues to impact upon the construction industry, manufacturing businesses are finding more and more call for BIM-ready 3D Models.


The BIM Manager pt 2

With the role of the Information Manager now fairly well defined, the nature and extent of the function, reach and significance of the BIM Manager should be easier to outline. It is hoped. Pt 2


BIM Journal Interview - Andrew Willoughby

Andrew Willoughby spills the beans about the many BIM roles he has encountered over the years.


BIM Journal Issue 2 - All BIM Roles Explored

Don't know your Task Team Manager from your Information Manager? You're not alone. BIM Journal explores these many roles and their impact (and longevity) in the eyes of leading practitioners today. Take a look...


Unifi Labs, Inc. announces Schedule Support for Revit!

Join the Unifi Labs, Inc., presentation to view our Revit scheduling integration to the Unifi platform.

BIM News

What is a BIM Manager?

This is a question that goes through many Project Manager, Directors, Procurements Manager’s minds involved in major projects here in MENA when they are reviewing tenders and putting together their technical teams. I have spent ...

The BIM Manager - Agent Of Change

The BIM Manager - Agent of Change

With so many experienced BIM Managers in our industry today, why do organizations and individuals struggle to adopt, grow and support BIM?

BIM News

23rd Geotechnics colloquium in Darmstadt - BIM application experience at Tunnel Rastatt

HOCHTIEF ViCon’s Managing Director Dirk Schaper and DB Netz AG’s technical project manager Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Grundhoff jointly presented the „BIM application experience at Tunnel Rastatt” at the 23rd Geotechnics colloquium in Darmstadt, Germany.


What Exactly is BIM?

BIM – it’s one of the latest acronyms floating around our industry, and the hype is growing as our governments embrace the technology to improve efficiencies across the construction industry.


Composition of a BIM Steering Committee

The project steering committee should consist of individuals representative of the business(es) and who have a direct, vested interest in realising the project’s deliverable's and objectives.