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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a very broad term that describes the process of creating digital information about a building or other facility such as a bridge, highway, tunnel and so on.

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Digital Built Britain

Chris Forbes, MD of Marflow Hydronics reflects on 2016 and industry preparedness for the future advising that it would be prudent for all businesses within the construction sector to rapidly complete their BIM Level 2 ...

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Recognising your BIM obligations and limitations

We were all waiting for 2016: the year the UK government implemented and required BIM Level 2 on all of its projects. What a monumental step for technology and the future of construction.

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BIM Prospects at UKCW 2016

BIM Prospects focus at UK Construction Week 2016

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BIM Level 3 - Mark Bew

Construct Digital carried out an interview with Mark Bew, Chairman of the BIM Task Group, to discuss all things BIM Level 3.

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BIM progress must not breed complacency

Five years ago, the mandate to achieve BIM Level 2 on all government projects by 2016 seemed a herculean task. But now we’re here, the distance the industry has come in that time is impressive.

George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivers the Budget to Parliament on 16 March 2016
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Budget 2016: Government to push ahead on Level 3 BIM

While the Chancellor's plans for a tax on sugary drinks may have grabbed most headlines, there was much for the construction industry to digest in the 2016 Budget - not least an explict statement of ...

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HOCHTIEF ViCon goes down under: Sydney Metro Northwest, Australia

Over a period of four consecutive years ViCon will support the application of BIM – Building Information Modeling – for the „Sydney Metro Northwest“ project. This mega project is the first stage of the forthcoming ...

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Ahead of the Game

With the government’s mandate for BIM fast approaching, the second NBS RIBA BIM panel came together in October. Here we give a flavour of the wide ranging discussion.


BIM mandate puts Brits on collaborative frontier

"Collaborative working around a well-organized common data set, using technology to reduce re-work and inefficiency, handing over information to asset owners that will help consultants optimize performance—if you strip away the ‘BIM’ label, it all ...