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Invicara Releases Next Version of BIM Assure

Invicara, provider of transformative solutions for building information modeling (BIM), announced the release of BIM Assure 1.2, with new features focused on making BIM data validation and reporting easier and faster.

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4 Ways BIM Collaboration Tools are Changing Design at McMillan Pazdan Smith

Technological innovations continue to drive better outcomes for our clients, especially in relation to BIM.

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How BIM Helped Walt Disney Build Its Most Complex Creation Ever

Building a BIM Castle in the Cloud. The Enchanted Storybook castle was designed entirely in 3D, and the WDI team used a building information modeling (BIM) process that took cloud collaboration to new heights.

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BIM News

Asite welcomes Dandara into the Cloud

My Business in the Cloud package moves Property Developers Dandara into the Cloud courtesy of the feature rich Adoddle platform.