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Using Revit on cloud-based workstations - use case

Rudi, Revit designer at 2Rebuilt and Bart, BIM Manager at Summa-architects explain why cloud-based workstations are the future for faster and more efficient collaboration between engineers, teams and joint venture partners. Virtual workstations are instantly ...

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4 Ways BIM Collaboration Tools are Changing Design at McMillan Pazdan Smith

Technological innovations continue to drive better outcomes for our clients, especially in relation to BIM.

GPU-powered virtual workstations are the future for BIM

Startup Breaks BIM Deadlock with Instant Cloud Deployment

Technology start-up Cloudalize announces TryBIM, a web-based trial that instantly deploys an ICT environment for BIM by using cloud-based workstations.

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How BIM Helped Walt Disney Build Its Most Complex Creation Ever

Building a BIM Castle in the Cloud. The Enchanted Storybook castle was designed entirely in 3D, and the WDI team used a building information modeling (BIM) process that took cloud collaboration to new heights.

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Asite welcomes Dandara into the Cloud

My Business in the Cloud package moves Property Developers Dandara into the Cloud courtesy of the feature rich Adoddle platform.

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SmartMarket Report 2014

McGRAW HILL CONSTRUCTION The Business Value of BIM for Construction in Major Global Markets: How Contractors Around the World are Driving Innovation with Building Information Modelling