BIM Implementation Guide


Bring 4D into your pull planning sessions

This article will describe how the integration of 4Dvirtual construction with pull planning sessions can be achieved through different phases so that the disruption of the workflows already in place is minimized and the learning ...


Getting Equipped for BIM

Is your organisation working with Building Information Management (BIM), do have you an established clear BIM strategy in place? To be a successful BIM organisation it is important to properly address BIM Process Management, so ...


BIM Implementation and Execution Plans

Maybe you are captivated by the proposition of BIM and want to take it for a ‘trial run’, or you are somewhat convinced of the benefits and are keen to roll it out. You are ...

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BIM News

Taking BIM one step at a time

Over the last decade, governments around the world have noticed the advantages of BIM, and increasingly are mandating the use of BIM on public projects. Here in the UK a mandate already exists that requires ...