BIM Health Check


BIM Implementation - Learning from the Mistakes of Others

Successfully implementing BIM demands process change as well as purchasing the relevant software.


Optimising your BIM Implementation

When implementing BIM, any company that proceeds with a ‘bare minimum’ approach tends to make many common mistakes - and ones that can be costly.


Getting Equipped for BIM

Is your organisation working with Building Information Management (BIM), do have you an established clear BIM strategy in place? To be a successful BIM organisation it is important to properly address BIM Process Management, so ...


BIM health check

Implementing BIM (building information modelling) process and technology brings a number of benefits to the construction industry. However, a bad start when venturing into the system due to inefficient deployment may force the company to ...

Case Studies

BIM Implementation Learning from the mistakes of others

The following case study details how a business eventually realised that successful BIM implementation necessitated process change as well as software purchase.