BIM & GIS Integration


Integrating GIS in BIM

The advancements in the field of information technologies have made tremendous developments in the construction industry.

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Integrating Geospatial Technologies: Reflections on Intergeo 2016

As the leading event for the global geoinformation community, Intergeo 2016 provided a forum for 531 exhibitors to present their latest products and about 150 speakers to disseminate their innovative thoughts.

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Increasing interest in the fusion of GIS and BIM

Users are increasingly asking us about the ability to merge GIS data with design and construction data, often simply called BIM data.

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Building for the future: BIM & GIS

Building for the future: Pilot program integrates BIM & GIS to improve urban management


BIM and GIS Integration: A 'How-To' with FME

Discover how you can combine the power of BIM and GIS with FME. Learn about FME's support for Autodesk Revit (NEW!), Esri ArcGIS, SketchUp, MapInfo, IFC and hundreds of other formats and applications.