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Abvent releases Twinmotion 2019 v2

3D objects to enrich your Twinmotion library and bring projects to life. Hundreds of improvements to guarantee smooth and stable real-time visualization. Get ready for Twinmotion 2019 v2!


5 Important Trends for Construction Technologies in 2017

There’s no doubt that 2016 has been an interesting year, not least for the construction industry. Construction companies that want to be ‘fit for business’ in 2017 will need to ensure they are aware of ...

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Trimble & Umbra Partner to Bring Complex Imagery on the HoloLens

When developing for the HoloLens, keeping a constant 60 fps (frames per second) while making things look beautiful is a challenge.

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Integrating BIM and Virtual Reality – The Next Big Thing?

Ever since embracing the idea of VR, the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector has benefited a great deal. As per the reports companies began seeing faster project approvals, increased positive client interactions and higher ...

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Empowering the Homeowner with 3D Modeling and Virtual Reality

When homeowners have a clear vision of how they expect a project to look—even, in some cases, beginning the design themselves—they may have trouble understanding how that vision translates through the entire building process. How ...