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BIM for dummies

BIM for Dummies Reviewed

BIM for Dummies is successful in giving a clear picture of what BIM is today, and is a good starting place to learn about the subject, says Robert Klaschka, director of digital built environment at ...

I am amazed and pleasantly surprised that companies like coBuilder Bulgaria and Nemetschek have started to educate and inform the Bulgarian industry about BIM rather than advertising their products.

BIM in Bulgaria

Assoc. Professor Boyan Georgiev is one of the first BIM advocates in Bulgaria. He knows about BIM and he is thinking about the establishment of a Bulgarian BIM movement.

The "Lego" metaphor - what can be simpler than that?

How to get your partner/family/friends to understand your involvement with BIM

Ever got that scolding look of your partner late at night while scrolling the latest news about BIM on your smartphone? BIM what, BIM who?

Don't get lost with the industry's lingo. Never get confused at BIM conferences. Read our glossary.

coBuilder's guide to the construction galaxy

This “Guide to the Construction Galaxy” or in other words Glossary is created by coBuilder and it consists of some of the important terms and abbreviations currently used in the construction domain.


Introducing Revit Architecture 2010: BIM for Beginners

Learn the leading BIM software quickly and easily with this book's detailed discussions and practical exercises.