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How Virtual Reality Can Help BIM

In a VR environment, you can view, walk around and interact with your BIM model. In a way, you get to see the entire virtual building in a 1:1 scale right before your eyes before ...


BIM and Augmented Reality in Construction & Maintenance

The evolution (and availability) of an ever increasing array of technical approaches and devices shows no sign of abating. To discuss the reach, influence and significance of this field further, Will Brocklebank (Founder & CEO, ...


BIM Journal Issue 5 - BIM for Facilities Management

Welcome to Issue 5 of BIM Journal, a themed publication that deep dives into a pertinent topic of the day from the BIM/ Digital AEC realm.


Has Digital's Impact on Civil Engineering Really Hit Us Yet?

In this guest article from the ICE we consider the following: if digital is going to transform the civil engineering industry then just how is it going to look in 5, 10 or 20 years ...


Drones & AR can help monitor Construction Projects

Augmented reality (AR) is a fascinating technology that could change the way we live and interact with the world that surrounds us. However, achieving good visual integration of digital elements and reality is very challenging.


The Case for Augmented Reality in AEC

For decades, pundits, prophets, prognosticators, and purveyors of technology have been forecasting the fit of Augmented Reality (AR) for the AEC industry.

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10 Benefits of BIM for Healthcare Facility Development Projects

As with the construction of residential and commercial buildings, infrastructural facilities and civil construction projects, building design for healthcare facilities is critical and complex in nature.