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How BIM is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

Building Information Modeling, the broad term for the use of digital models in construction, is once again at the forefront of industry news as, next year, the United Kingdom — despite a few bumps — ...

Are You BIM Ready? What Your Business Needs To Do Before 2016

The process of implementing BIM is about change management, first and foremost. To do this successfully, the process needs to be carried out methodically. The best way is to make a ‘BIM implementation plan’, and ...

Just 16% of Firms are BIM Ready

Despite being just months away from UK government deadlines, fewer than 1 in 6 building services firms are ready to use BIM on projects.

Delivering on the Promise of BIM

A few years ago, an international architectural studio famous for its modern, glass-and-steel designs shared an interesting story about the impact building information modeling (BIM) was having on project delivery.

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The reality of BIM in practice

Jason Clark, Project Manager and Director at UBS details the BIM journey taken in the 5 Broadgate project and what it could mean for your project.

The Future of the Construction Industry

The British Government (HMG) is ahead of the curve when it comes to BIM implementation. In 2011 the HMG proposed a strategy to modernize and digitize the construction industry by mandating Level 2 BIM use ...

Level 2 BIM journey

A recent contractor survey (paywall) in Construction News has revealed a lack of understanding from subcontractors is the main factor holding back the development of BIM Level 2.

BIM mandate puts Brits on collaborative frontier

"Collaborative working around a well-organized common data set, using technology to reduce re-work and inefficiency, handing over information to asset owners that will help consultants optimize performance—if you strip away the ‘BIM’ label, it all ...

BIM survey finds rising scepticism

An industry-wide survey has concluded that targets for the uptake of building information modelling (BIM) are widely expected to be missed.

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BIM's third age

Now just months away from being mandated on all central government projects, building information modelling (BIM) has moved up to Level 3. What is Level 3, and what does it mean for FM? Geoff Prudence ...